Open House for SERCAP IPR Housing Project in Nelson County!

May 15, 2019 @ 11:00AM — 2:00PM

Join SERCAP at an Open House for a recently completed Indoor Plumbing & Rehabilitation (IPR) Project in Nelson County, VA.

Open House for SERCAP IPR Housing Project in Nelson County! image

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Join SERCAP in the Faber community in Nelson County, VA to Celebrate the recent Completion of an Indoor Plumbing & Rehabilitation (IPR) Project!

Take a Tour of the House, Speak to the Homeowner, and Learn More About SERCAP's Programs, Services, and Long-term Impact on the Community!

The Event is FREE, but we are asking individuals to Register, so that we can get an estimated Head Count for attendance.

SERCAP is the Region 5 Provider for Virginia's Indoor Plumbing & Rehabilitation (IPR) Program. Funded by Virginia's Department of Housing & Community Development (DHCD), the IPR Program provides financial and technical assistance to low-income homeowners who live in a house that either has Incomplete Indoor Plumbing (i.e. No Toilet), or a Failed Septic System. Regional providers, such as SERCAP, work with the low-income homeowners to qualify them for the program, and then provide Housing Rehabilitation Specialist services to ensure the house is properly rehabilitated, or upgraded, to include complete indoor plumbing facilities and meet Housing Quality Standards (HQS). In many cases, the structures are in such poor condition that they are approved for a Substantial Reconstruction. In those cases, SERCAP works with the client to provide a temporary residence, so the existing house can be demolished, and a new house built in its place.

The IPR Program provides eligible applicants with a Loan to cover the cost of the Rehabilitation and/or Substantial Reconstruction. SERCAP works with the clients to ensure that they are given an affordable monthly payment that won't stress them financially. Many IPR clients have lived in true poverty for many years and have never lived in an affordable house that is warm, safe, and dry. SERCAP and the IPR Program provide just that, affordable housing that is warm, safe, and dry. The IPR Program, along with SERCAP's other programs and services, truly changes the lives of the people it serves, and the long-term Impact is greater than the sum of its parts. The client may be receiving a new house, but what they are really getting is reliable access to clean, safe drinking water, an environmentally sound wastewater disposal solution, a reliable source of heat, safe housing free of leaks, and peace of mind. The program improves Quality of Life, Environmental Health, and Economic Self-sufficiency for the beneficiaries.